About Us


Bookaclinic is a family-friendly, fully certified cardiac services clinic across Ontario, providing cardiac testing such as 24-hour heart monitors (Holter), electrocardiograms (ECGs) and 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure tests and read by the board-certified cardiologist.

Avoid the hospital by bringing your requisition (all requisitions to any clinic or hospital accepted) to Bookaclinic quick service from our friendly staff. All services are covered by OHIP (except for 24 hour blood pressure monitors) and there are no extra fees.

At Bookaclinic, your tests are performed by registered cardiology technologists, trained to immediately read the results of your tests and determine if an acute situation is at hand. ECGs and Holter Monitors are then confirmed quickly by a cardiologist, with results going to your referring/family doctor.  Our requisitions also have the option for an auto-referral to have your case escalated to cardiologist should the results of your test show that it is necessary, saving precious time and increasing patient our in-house.

Results in most cases delivered to your doctor within 24 hours.

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